Prikratki and Rabzhaeva – a harmonious blend of landscapes and metal sculptures


In the hut of the Minerve Minerve Hotel, an exhibition of an unusual but harmonious combination of visual arts, a portrait of a young Russian artist, Victory Rabzhaeva, and metal installations by the Varaždin artist Miroslav Prikratko, was completed. The combination of gentle landscapes and rugged metal sculptures makes a truly harmonious whole. “This is my fifth exhibition, and I have to admit that I actually decided very hard on it. However, they invited me from the Zagreb Fortuna – ART association of artists, with whom I was in Siberia, just visiting the artist Rabiya, who is exhibiting with me at this exhibition and my great friend – said Miroslav Prikratki at the opening. All of his installations are made of metal, require painstaking work, but good results give him wind in his back. “I’ve always patented something, collected metals, pieces of iron, and a little bit-somehow I did a lot of sculptures, compositions, installations … I have been retired since the second month and I have devoted myself to art and will only deal with it. Family reaction is very good, mostly support me. They were somewhat skeptical at first, but now they have accepted my passion very well – says the Varaždin artist by laughing, stating that such art is actually contagious. “When I made several installations, I was so glad I decided to do it as long as I could. It’s contagious. Once you get started and when you get good reviews, then you are determined to continue to do so. My idea creates itself in my head and when I see a subject, I know exactly what to do with that subject. It is a disadvantage that this waste material is sold on the knife and then pressed, and I make a sculpture that has value – concludes Prikratki. The motifs of Siberian winter, city views and particularly interesting landscapes of the Gobi Desert are common in pictures of Victory Rabzhaeve, an artist from the Republic of Burjati. He is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes in Russia and Europe, and has participated in many solo and group exhibitions where he was awarded, and in 2014 he was named the most sought after non-European painter in Europe. The exhibition at the “Minerva” Hotel in Varaždin Toplice was organized by the Fortuna-ART Association of Fine Artists from Zagreb.