Dvorište Prikratki

In the peculiar atelier of Padovec’s street in Varaždin, in the very center of the city, sculptures and compositions are made of old hammers, pliers, shavings and other tools, metal, wood and hard objects and even used car parts. In the yard there are five thousand different objects, tools.

At the welcome entrance are Cura and Boy. Through their “lattice” bodies light breeze breezes. For them there is a spring with a body of spring and Mechanic made of pliers and a French key. In the weapon room the field warriors – Warrior with the ball, Warrior – drumstick and award winning Warrior Warrior, while Letač calms the situation. In this studio, the term metal pet has quite another meaning than usual: The cat on the canopy, the Horse, the Dog and the Jelenko are just some of them. Sailors, bicycles, table and chairs, sunshades, masks, wonders and cheerleaders. All decorated and decorated with style. Some items are old for more than a century.

How worthy of the right host at departure is to wish you luck Four-leaf Quince and Happy Land made up of 99 horses.  Thanks to the extraordinary creativity of the host, Miroslav Prikratki, there is no empty soul from here.